No physical tickets are issued: simply tell us that you have booked online and state your name and email address at the door.

As of 01.06.17 we regret that no refunds can be issued unless an event is cancelled or rescheduled.

If it is your first time placing an online booking, a user account will be created for you by selecting the number of tickets required and entering your name and email details on the booking page.

When you click ‘BOOK NOW’ you will be taken away from this website to the Paypal checkout. Paypal then send a confirmation back to this website once payment is received.

Apart from the booking details (name, film, email, number of tickets) we do not process or store any card details on this website, only the time, date, and amount of the transaction. It’s that simple.

You should receive a confirmation of booking by email from this website, and a confirmation of payment from Paypal. Please check your spam/junk mailbox if either of these are not received or email us if you are concerned that your booking or payment has not been successful.

IMPORTANT: If payment has not been received by Paypal, we will not be able to reserve your seat and your booking will be cancelled. We will try to contact you before doing this. You should check for confirmation of payment from Paypal AND of successful booking from this website to ensure your booking will be honoured.


If you use the “lost password” feature, a long and complex password will be generated which you should note down or copy. You cannot use a weak password at this stage, however, if it is too long or complex for your preference you can change it later in your user profile. To do this:

  • Once logged in, hover over the top right of the browser window where it says “Howdy, [username]”
  • From the pop down menu select ‘Edit my Profile”
  • Scroll down to Account Management>New Password
  • Click “Generate Password”
  • Type in your preferred password.
  • Make sure you make a note of it somewhere secure if you cannot easily remember it.
  • If it is a weak password you will be required to tick a ‘Confirm use of weak password’ box below.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “UPDATE PROFILE”
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not entered your address, postcode and phone no. a message at the top of the window may be displayed, requiring you to do so at this stage before the profile can be saved. You can simply enter “N/A” into those fields if you prefer.


Remembering your user name and password is the best way to ensure smooth login access to any website. However we understand how difficult that can be to do, with so many user names passwords required to manage our busy online lives. There are many password storage utilities available to help you with this and we do recommend using one of these. Most browsers include the capability to store passwords for multiple sites, but there are also more advanced software solutions available. We offer a few options here:



All websites are subjected to malicious log in attempts. This website is no different and so is protected by software designed to lock out repeated failed attempts to log in. Occasionally legitimate users who have lost or forgotten or repeatedly mis-type their passwords (for example, keeping ‘caps lock’ on will result in a failed login) will be locked out also.

This will result in an ‘Allow request’ form which you can fill in. We will then manually unblock your account as soon as possible.

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